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your only as strong as the tables you dance on

and the drinks you mix

15 November
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my name is Brea. This is all about me. I love Blue slushies, Nerds,and vintage clothes. I look alot older then i am, and im in no hurry to grow up quite yet, even though some people say im overly mature and can be a perfectionist at times. Im pretty original because being the same as everyone else is boring. I say what i want when i want to even though it gets me in trouble. I never sugar coat things, i just say them. I spend too much time on msn and one of my favorite things to do is listen to certain friends ramble on. I laugh at the stupidest things. Im just like that. Laughing is what i love. If i could choose one place to be it would be in the pool. I swim because i need to. I wish i was a mermaid. It would make life easier. I love sandboxes and swings. I wish i could spend more time doing what i want to and less time doing homework. Every year, no matter how old i get, i will always go trick or treating, every spring i will go mud slidding, every summer i will run through a sprinkler, and every autumn i will jump into a big pile of leaves. I watch educational programming and read educational books on my own accord. It doesnt mean im a nerd. I just know what i like. I dress provacativally, differently, originally - all for me and me alone. People go into shock when i wear a pair of pants because im addicted to mini skirts. I also love converses. I love how just before it storms you can feel it in the air and all through your body. I love walking through the rain, even if it is cold, i love dancing around the street with kristan when it rains. I love littlekids and how selfless and genuine they are. I think that everyone deserves a second chance. Labels are un-important. People are not crayons, they should be grouped according to color. Along with rascism i also feel very strongly about abortions and gay rights. I believe we should be pro-choice and i believe that love is love, no matter what shape its in. I think that everyone should be able to stay in on friday night just because. Not having plans every minute of the day would be heaven. I hate it when people have bad grammer and spelling skills when theyre old enough to have good grammer and spelling skills. I dont know if i could stand not talking to all of the people who make life worth living. There are only a few people who can actually understand whats going on in my head. I hate it when people label me because when you get to know me im a totally different person then what i portray and what i choose to reveal. You may not be expecting what your actually going to get.